Top 10 Video Games of All Time

Let’s get this going in the comments. The last time we did a list was on the old site back in March 2015. We now have new members and different brains. hi we need more … Continue Reading →

Yoshi’s Hut

since everyone but me is terrible at updating everything i’m gonna have this here 4 u guys to comment on and for my reference

how my son lost his friends

i’ve lost many friends to the DRUG known as “CS:GO” aka Counter Strike: Global Offensive. this game has ruined countless lives and friendships due to its addictive nature. people addicted to this game “CS:GO” neglect everything in … Continue Reading →

May 2017 – Super Metroid

space dragons play this game with gcl this month Member Progress Rating Review Apple Playing –/100   AquaLaFlor Playing –/100   gamma Playing –/100   Kuro Playing –/100   prg Playing –/100   Yoshi Playing … Continue Reading →

NES of the Month #4 – Sweet Home!!!!!!

SWEET HOME BRO!! HOW MUCH WAS IT?? This game is probably the first survival horror rpg game ever!!! Or at least one of the first, and it also happens to be pretty good! Basically you … Continue Reading →

happy birthday to our greatest administrator and friend

on the front page u only see one apple but when u look closer u can easily see the truth (shown above) with the right soil and conditions, u can do anything. we are always … Continue Reading →

BREAKING NEWS: jesus is back plus people died in ohio

welcome 2 another viral news storie. firstly u are all thinking WHERE IS RAWK? is he OK? well we can tell u that yes he is ok despite the facts he lives in the same state … Continue Reading →