a sparkling life

First of all, it’s honestly a pleasure to be here. Second of all, I’d like to be talking now about how my name is Dan Hank and that this is my diary I will be writing … Continue Reading →

Review – ARMS

ARMS is a slick fighting game no one saw coming The Nintendo Switch has been pretty successful in terms of sales, but most who bought the system have been looking for games to play, and … Continue Reading →

A bit of Mighty good OST

WARNING! Song may be stuck in your head for life. You’re welcome =) Mighty Switch force, one of the first Eshop game I bought, I don’t know what attracted me. Was it the amazing animation … Continue Reading →

P-Wing Ranks the Zelda Series

Now that everyone has had a chance to play Breath of the Wild, it’s time for the community to do a ranking of the games that they have played.  I hope that we can be … Continue Reading →

A Bit of Good Music – The Smurfs (NES)

I am often called a gamer smurf heh! So here is some smurf music! love these tunes!!! Alberto knows how to take smurfing to the NEXT level. So sit back and let your mind go … Continue Reading →

Yoshi’s Hut

since everyone but me is terrible at updating everything i’m gonna have this here 4 u guys to comment on and for my reference

NES of the Month #5 – Guerrilla War!!!!!!!!!

  Guerrilla War, known as Guevara in Japan, is a game where–you guessed it–you play as Che Guevara!! It’s basically Ikari Warriors but better, and as such, it supports two players!! Remember to not shoot … Continue Reading →