Here is the best Silver 2 frag montage you have ever seen in your life!  

Mega Man 3

NES of the Month #1 – Mega Man 3!!!!!!!

IT’S THAT TIME FOLKS and WOW look at that box art!!! Heh well guess it was never that time before BUT IT IS NOW!!!! Get hype because this NEW event … Continue Reading →


Retrospective From A Sega Fan… On Gimmick!

  It’s tough being an avid Sega fan in this day and age, especially if you live in North America. It’s no surprise, really, since it’s quite well known that … Continue Reading →


Why Hard Games Are Fun

There are a lot of people who play only easy games or hate when games are difficult. I am not one of them. Most people who are of such a … Continue Reading →


An Introduction to the “Retro Write-Up”

I consider myself to be a retro gamer first and foremost. There are many reasons for this, and I have no shame in admitting that a large part of it … Continue Reading →


Top 10 NES Games

Everyone’s favorite retro game console where the Mario guy got pretty BIG. What are the 10 best NES games in your completely honest opinion?


October 2016 – Illusion of Gaia / Ninja Gaiden

Title: Illusion of Gaia / Ninja Gaiden Platforms: Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Nintendo Entertainment System Release Date: September 1, 1994 / March 1989 Developer: Quintet / Tecmo Publisher: Nintendo / … Continue Reading →