April 2015 – Super Mario 64

Title: Super Mario 64
Platforms: Nintendo 64, Wii & Wii U Virtual Console
Release Date: September 26th, 1996
Developer: Nintendo EAD
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Platformer

Members Completed: 5
Average Rating: 91.6/100
Member Progress Rating Review and/or Comments
Apple Completed 04/07
70/120 Stars
95/100 Images
Choas Completed 04/07
120/120 Stars
87/100 One of the best games in the Mario series and an extreme departure from the mediocrity that is most 3D platformers. Most of the levels are very well-designed, and having only seven stars per stage makes them short enough that they rarely begin to feel redundant or monotonous. The power ups are all interesting and useful, and for the most part fun to use; something that some later entries into this series seem to have struggled with. Despite being a launch game on a new console as well as a foray into unfamiliar territory, the controls are well-tuned and responsive, although the game loses about five points off my final score for the horrendous camera. Clear ScreenExtra
ladyjuice Incomplete
20/120 Stars
Mock Completed 04/15
77/120 Stars
90/100 Image
muffin Completed 04/05
120/120 Stars
sickeningmark Incomplete
10/120 Stars
sfc Incomplete
24/120 Stars
Yoshi Completed 04/03
120/120 Stars
91/100 The pinnacle of 3D platforming…and it blows me away that this game was made nearly 20 years ago. My nostalgia for this game is incredible, and is probably surpassed only by Ocarina of Time. It is surprisingly only the first time since back when I originally did it in early 1997 that I got all 120 stars. It’s a fantastic adventure that every videogamer should have to play. The only downside is the camera, and it’s downside is greatly overstated. Every level is superb and I can only wonder what this game could have been if not for the N64’s limitations; I know Shiggy wanted like 36 worlds or some shit like that. Mario and Zelda both nailed the transition to 3D, and continue to this day to revolutionize and reinvent themselves on every single major release. The Super Mario Galaxy games are among the greatest platformers of all time, and this game completely paved the way for them to exist. I also believe the only way to truly experience Super Mario 64 is to get all 120 stars; anything less and you are missing out on one of the definitive gaming experiences of the 90s. Game Time: 9h40m. Images. Game Log

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