A Bit of Good Music – NES/FC Roundup

Yo! A little roundup of some songs I liked from various games on the NES/FC. All five of these games are worth a play! Ufouria is the best Metroidvania on the console. Metal Storm is a nice platformer with a gravitational gimmick. Batman is a short but fun action platformer. Shadow of the Ninja is the best SotN on the NES and finally Holy Diver… well let’s just say the credits are so sweet for a reason. Enjoy the listen!


Ufouria: The Saga – Overworld



Metal Storm – Stage 1 



Batman: Return of the Joker – Cathedral City Rooftops



Shadow of the Ninja – Ending and Credits



Holy Diver – Credits


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  • TailGator says:

    I just played Ufouria for the first time the other day when I saw it on Wii U’s virtual console. I never heard of it but looked interesting, it’s very fun!

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