A Bit of Good Music – Chrono Cross

Here we have one of the best games ever. As for the music, the situation is a bit different as Chrono Cross actually has the best soundtrack, rather than just one of the best soundtracks. Thank you for understanding. Please enjoy!!

Developers Square Product Development Division 3
  • JP Square
  • NA Square Electronic Arts
Composer Yasunori Mitsuda
Platforms PlayStation
Release date
  • JP November 18, 1999
  • NA August 15, 2000
Genre Role-playing

Dreams of the Shore Near Another World


Dragon Knight


Home Arni Village


Quitting the Body


Radical Dreamers ~The Unstolen Jewel~


  • Apple says:

    There is nothing more entrancing than slowly sinking into this Yasuroni Mitsuda soundtrack. I could wade within this delightful piece of work for an eternity. When I’m listening to this…any of these songs… I am in a different place—mind, body AND soul.

    It makes me dream… dream of a shore….near another world…

    Thank you for posting this, the world cannot hide away from obscure unknown music like this…it is time P-Wing got the word out… soon everyone will know Mitsuda and the incredible work by this individual.

    Until then… I’ll keep dreaming……………………radically.

    • gamma says:

      Hey, no problem! Just trying to do my part. If a few people can find out about this game’s soundtrack, I’ll be set for life.

      One of the main reasons I posted this is that last week when I went for my usual “journey” through the neighborhood, not one of the 30 or so people I ran into heard of this soundtrack, let alone knew or understood how great it was. At P-Wing we are working on solving this problem, as well as many others. Keep looking forward to more.

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