Sonic Mania Has Nothing On Uncharted 4

As I write this, the next entry into the almost flawless Uncharted series slowly but surely marches on toward its release date of August 22, 2017 (only six days left!). This new game is aptly named “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.” If you didn’t notice upon consuming any kind of materials related to Sonic Mania, whether it be trailers, screenshots, gameplay footage, or music, a lost legacy is exactly what we’re dealing with here. Before I go further, I will establish a few more metaphors so that we truly understand what’s happening. The first, second, and third Uncharted games represent Sega making a fortune among thieves through their deception. There’s only one problem with this explanation and it’s that Uncharted 4’s subtitle of “A Thief’s End” is completely incorrect. As long as desperate gamers, and I mean desperate in a sublimely raw sense due to the audience involved, continually buy Sonic games that look and play exactly like the games from 25 years ago, I repeat, Twenty-Five Years Ago, the Thief will never see his end.

Uncharted 4 is very American, very cinematic, and very deserving of its countless awards and nominations. It’s a game filled with unrelenting emotional depth and quality. Sonic Mania on the other hand was not even made by Sega. That’s right, as a major part of their deception, they could not even create the same old same old themselves. With Uncharted, what you see is what you get. And I mean that quite literally as you mostly observe Uncharted play itself. That’s usually used as a criticism, but with Hollywood and voyeurism at an all-time high, and the amount of time and patience we have at an all-time low, it couldn’t be a more perfect experience. Experiences are all we need. Just sit back and watch a truly unique and inspired creation rather than struggle through something you already know. This has been The Gamer Prophet. Keep thinking, but don’t stop dreaming.


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