September 2017 – Jet Set Radio

really creative, fun, and pretty short game with funky music!!! let’s put GCL all over the streets!!! it’s back from when sega had cool stuff (also one of my personal favorite games)

Member Review/Comments Rating
Apple  I think this was much better for its time. Maps are a bit annoying. Not bad though. 6/10
AquaLaFlor still love it  10/10
gamblor This game is racist because there’s an African-American with a giant boombox.  4/10
gamma Definitely enjoyable to play through still. Had a lot of nostalgia for it so it couldn’t really live up perfectly 7.5/10
ladyjuice uhhh  5/10
prg fuck yeah i dont know what else i got caught by the cops and what  7/10
Yoshi  surprisingly ok for sega i guess 6/10

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