GCL’s 2017 Game of the Year Awards Sponsored by Pepperidge Farm

Well we finally made it. GCL has been dominating the gaming landscape for quite a while now so this has really been a long time coming… Tired of games that aren’t even released being nominated? Tired of having to login to Facebook just to vote on that fake Game of the Year awards when the vote is actually 90% decided by journalists anyway? I am too.

So, what’s the solution? Simple. We’ve created the true iteration of The Game of the Year Awards with the help of Pepperidge Farm and of course all of you gamers, who this wouldn’t be possible without. At the real Game of the Year Awards by GCL, we have less fluff, no influence by developers and journalists, and best of all, a much more diverse list of nominees to choose from. This time, your game actually has a chance.

For now, we’ll only be announcing the 10 categories that anyone can vote in, as long as you’re registered on p-wing.net!

  1. Game of the Year
  2. Best Story
  3. Best Music
  4. Best Indie Game
  5. Most Anticipated Game
  6. Best Art Design
  7. Best Multiplayer Game
  8. Best Handheld Game
  9. Best Fighting Game
  10. Most Disappointing Game

Finally, check out the trailer below and stay tuned for the beginning of the end of those silly award shows. Voting and the list of games will be available soon!


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