Why GCL Never Stops Winning

The main reasons that the epic gamer pals at GCL play games! If you want to join leave a comment below with your results after taking the test here!! https://apps.quanticfoundry.com             … Continue Reading →

BREAKING NEWS: jesus is back plus people died in ohio

welcome 2 another viral news storie. firstly u are all thinking WHERE IS RAWK? is he OK? well we can tell u that yes he is ok despite the facts he lives in the same state … Continue Reading →

BREAKING NEWS: donald trump fires missles at syria

u guys are not gonna believe this, many missles were fired nearing the amount of 60 possibly a few hours ago at the syria airplane field media and world are in confusion, no one know what … Continue Reading →

A Bit of Good Music – Chrono Cross

Here we have one of the best games ever. As for the music, the situation is a bit different as Chrono Cross actually has the best soundtrack, rather than just one of the best soundtracks. Thank … Continue Reading →