Sonic Mania Has Nothing On Uncharted 4

As I write this, the next entry into the almost flawless Uncharted series slowly but surely marches on toward its release date of August 22, 2017 (only six days left!). This new game is aptly … Continue Reading →

Character Battle ROUND 4!?! Wow!!! (CLOSED)

We’re getting so close! Holy COW! There is no technique at this point. Forget all of your training and hard work this is just an all out street brawl now! Only the last person standing … Continue Reading →

Character Battle Round 3! Sweet 16 (CLOSED)

We are really narrowing it down! The final 16 are here, who will stand to fight another day? The power is all yours! It’s time to VOTE!!!! Ness vs Purple Pikmin to START THINGS OFF!! … Continue Reading →

Character Battle Round 2! Holy Moly! (CLOSED)

It’s time for Round 2! You all know the drill at this point. Many hearts are soon to be broken but at the same time many hearts will flutter as they edge closer to being … Continue Reading →

Splatoon Saturdays!

Well here it is folks! An invitation DIRECTLY to you, the incredible member. Splatoon is coming very soon and we are anxious to play together as a unit. So please, take this information below … Continue Reading →

The Mario “Brothers”

“Let’s not for a second claim that we know the nature of the relationship between these two people.” And just like that, it started off with a bang. But isn’t that how all things start … Continue Reading →

NES of the Month #6 – The Magic of Scheherazade!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW what a long title in multiple ways!!!! Well, for the NES anyway! That’s right, it’s an action RPG folks!!!! Set in Arabia, you have to save Princess Scheherazade, who got her name when they … Continue Reading →

TailGator’s Honest Reviews – Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Welcome to my very first Honest Review! I plan on putting my own unique spin on the review formula. During my reviews I will take a look at certain games I either loved or hated … Continue Reading →

Ladyjuice’s Pickups

  Hey boys and girls ladyjuice here and I have picked some stuff up within the last week that I wanted to share with you!!  

Recent NES/FC Pickups!

Pickups! A time to show the world all the junk you are amassing. I’m a huge fan of the Famicom and Nintendo Entertainment System so I’m going to dive right into a few of my … Continue Reading →