February 2015 – Metroid: Zero Mission

Title: Metroid: Zero Mission
Platforms: Game Boy Advance
Release Date: February 9th, 2004
Developer: Nintendo R&D1
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Action-Adventure

Members Completed: 8
Average Rating: 75.4/100
Member Progress Rating Review and/or Comments
Apple Completed 02/04
Difficulty: Normal
Time: 02:10:37
Items Collected: 57%
90/100 Images
Choas Completed 02/16
Difficulty: Normal
Time: 01:41:51
Items Collected: 100%
55/100 A mediocre entry into an overhyped series. Combat is repetitive and uninteresting, and the bosses are a complete joke. Non-linear exploration consists of either returning to an inaccessible area with the next upgrade, or an unintuitive and convoluted series of “shine sparking” and/or wall jumping that, coupled with the GBA’s typical oversensitive controls, leads to no small amounts of frustration, especially when trying for the sub-two hour ending. The most interesting part of the game was the stealth section as Zero Suit Samus, and even that suffers from poor execution and brevity. Overall, MZM is decent as a time-waster, but not much else. Clear Screen
djk Completed 02/28
Difficulty: Normal
Time: 02:47:50
Items Collected: 64%
80/100 Game Pic, Clear Screen
gamma Completed 02/28
Difficulty: Normal
Time: 04:59:01
Items Collected: 50%
70/100 Clear Screen
jyank Incomplete
Difficulty: Normal
Kuro Completed 02/15
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 04:30:00
Items Collected: 76%
80/100 Lots of fun. Great atmosphere and smooth controls, shinesparking aside. The lack of Maridia keeps MZM from matching the atmosphere of Super Metroid, but the stealth sequence is interesting enough. A game that’s easy to enjoy.
ladyjuice Incomplete
Difficulty: Normal
Time: 01:57:47
Rinkin Completed 02/05
Difficulty: Normal
Time: 04:03:43
Items Collected: 61%
83/100 Images
sfc Completed 02/07
Difficulty: Normal
Time: 04:46:06
Items Collected: 60%
70/100 Clear Screen, Comic Sketch Review
sickeningmark Incomplete
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 00:34:21
Yoshi Completed 02/05
Difficulty: Normal
Time: 05:45:48
Items Collected: 56%
75/100 Per my manual logging this actually look me 9 and a half hours to beat. This was the first Metroid game I’ve ever gone through and I definitely enjoyed it. The second half of the game was very challenging for me, almost frustratingly so. The puzzles itself were much harder for me than any bosses I came across. Backtracking was actually a fun process in this game, which I know can be a pretty hard thing to pull off. Great sound of course, and I’m already itching to play another Metroid game after this. Clear Screen

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