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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Refia – THIS IS THE STUFF!!!! WOW!!!!!!! Alright first of all, if you haven’t played a Monster Hunter game do it!!! It’s great gamer!!!! Second of all maybe World is better to start with than this one but I feel like this one is a better game to be honest. Way more monster variety and hunter styles. This game has a slice of every other game in the series and then some put together in one EPIC adventure!!!! It has a Dark Souls kinda feel to the combat, but it came first!!!! And really the weapons are so unique they’re like fighting game characters. If one matchup with a monster is bad you can just switch “characters” and try it with somethin else. And they’re ALL FUN!!!! WOW!!! The actual hunting monsters part feels way better than Dark Souls to me, and it’s very satisfying. A lot of the monsters have entirely unique things about them so you’re always on your toes and never really bored!!! Add me and we can kill some EPIC monsters!!! So good I played it in Japanese and am replaying it for the US release so I can play with ppl!!! There are hunters, and THEN there are MONSTER HUNTERS!!!! EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

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