An Early Look at Smash Ultimate with Brad

Hey there, it’s the young bull Brad back with an exciting story to tell and my opinions on the new Smash Ultimate. As I was longboarding to Target last week, a copy fell off of a truck and after talking to the truck driver a bit he said it was cool if I played the game a bit, but don’t worry as I’ll be giving it back to him in a week when the full game releases. Thanks Target truck driver gamer. 

Unlocking Characters:

Just play the game, if you wanna speedrun unlocking characters it’s not too hard, the best way I’ve found through normal gameplay is classic mode, everytime you beat someone’s classic mode you unlock another character. I hear you can also play a match, unlock a character, exit the game and then repeat to unlock them very quick. I didn’t use this but if you really want to unlock Incineroar this is probably the fastest way.


Gameplay Improvements and Changes:

This game feels solid! I like how it plays more than 4 and Brawl and if tech develops for the game(there’s already some out there!) I could see myself enjoying this game more than I do Brawl. Re-introducing the technique of directional air dodging feels VERY smooth, glad it’s back! Characters generally feel sped up, not all of them are godspeed but faster than 4 for sure. 


Everyone feels pretty solid and unique, big fan of the new fighters and the changes they made. The biggest example of this I’ve found in game is the changes they made to Game and Watch. He feels WAY more unique and exciting than he ever has. From what I’ve heard from people who were more competitive in Smash 4 is that characters feel much more balanced as well. I feel that in my time with the game there wasn’t really a character that felt like they were WAY better than the rest of the cast. Except Inkling. Inkling felt amazing and I’d be surprised if there not top tier. Either way nice job ninty, every new character feels solid and different from each other.

Story Mode:

This is where I feel the game could’ve been overhyped a bit. THIS IS NOT SUBSPACE. I’m about what I would assume to be 75% of the way through the story (12-13 hours or so) and this is basically just event matches with Spirits. It’s cool and all, but there’s really not much of a story to it. Unless it really ramps up in the last quarter, this feels more like a grind rather than an actual story mode. Still fun event matches! Just wish they had a bit more story to it ya know? It’s a neat lil game mode tho for if ya wanna mess around though.


This game feels solid, it’s fun! I hope the competitive landscape grows for it. Not gonna score it because the day 1 update is said to include a lot but feels solid thus far. Hoping for target practice and stuff like that, it’s missing right now and the gap is noticeable but there’s still plenty of content. Good luck, gamers! Can’t wait to play with the rest of you in a week!

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