Brad Reviews: OnLive 2 Stadia Edition

Hey folks, it’s your boy Brad back at it again. Today I’m gonna be telling you about the weird new gaming platform Stadia. For reference, Stadia is a Google’s take on a game streaming service. … Continue Reading →

WANTED: Apple “apple juica” Juice

Hello gamers, we are currently on a manhunt for Apple “apple juica” Juice.   Here is his mugshot:    He can commonly be found: Riding da Dodongo Commentating Tecmo Bowl games Owning so hard (so … Continue Reading →

An Early Look at Smash Ultimate with Brad

Hey there, it’s the young bull Brad back with an exciting story to tell and my opinions on the new Smash Ultimate. As I was longboarding to Target last week, a copy fell off of … Continue Reading →

Versus: A Link to the Past / Link’s Awakening

P-Wing Versus! A Link to the Past Link’s Awakening   Released for the SNES on Feb 12, 1992 by Nintendo.   Released for the GB on Aug 13, 1993 by Nintendo. Story 100% P-Wing prefers … Continue Reading →

P-Lists #008 – Video Game Controllers

#008- Video Game Controllers It is how most of us express ourselves… through incredible pieces of metal and plastic. These serve as a vessel for many of us to truly show the world what we’re … Continue Reading →

Game Hub: Pikmin 3

Aggregate Score 90% Amazing Based on 1 score! (Apple) Pikmin 3 is a fully reimagined, mass-action strategy title from the critically acclaimed Pikmin series. Players will discover a beautiful world filled with strange creatures and … Continue Reading →

Versus: Super Mario Bros. 3 / Super Mario World

P-Wing Versus! Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Mario World Released for the NES on Feb 12, 1990 by Nintendo. Released for the SNES on Aug 13, 1991 by Nintendo. Story 57.59% P-Wing slightly prefers Super … Continue Reading →

P-Lists #007 – Mario Kart Courses

#007 – Mario Kart Courses Mario Kart! Wow! What a fun racing series. And it has been going on for how long now?! Holy cow! Considering how long this series has been going I suppose … Continue Reading →

Tecmo P-Wing Bowl 2018 Champions!

Championship Friday On Demand Check out all the action from the championship game! Only one will be crowned champion! The final game of the 2018 was a doozie! The Right Wing Nut Jobs vs The … Continue Reading →

Game Hub: StarTropics

Aggregate Score 81.6% Great Based on scores from Apple, Refia and Gamma. Find out just how resourceful you can be in this classic game, with its mixture of adventure and RPG elements. Step into the … Continue Reading →