Xbox 360 Recommendations

Dead Rising

Barbaloot – Goofy meets serious in this obvious homage to Dawn of the Dead. As reporter Frank West, it is your job to helicopter yourself into the violent territory of Willamette and find out what’s going on. The tone of this game is a constant whiplash, moving from ridiculous weapons, moves, and characters, to serious plot elements and story. But don’t be fooled, it blends together very well. While you could just mow down zombies to your heart’s content, using a variety of items from full out guns to potted plants, skateboards, and nerf launchers, there are other goals for you to accomplish. Being a reporter, it is your duty to get to the bottom of what is going on, and spread it to the world, and these clues are linked to time-sensitive missions that must be completed before a certain time. Everything in this game is time sensitive, really, and it may be hard for you to rescue everyone and still complete the main questline. I personally find that part of the fun, as finding good routes and getting better weaponry largely reduce the amount of lost quests. Overall, an extremely solid game that’s both fun to finish the story of, and just mess around in.

Guitar Hero: World Tour

Barbaloot – While nowhere nearly as popular as it’s older siblings Guitar Hero 2 and 3, this iteration is still an excellent inclusion to the series. The first to adopt the Rock Band model of having multiple instruments, this is as much of a party game, more so even, as the other titles. The music selection can be a bit dumb sometimes (La Bamba and Eye of the Tiger comes to mind), but otherwise has an excellent setlist to rock the absolute fuck out to. (Hot for Teacher, Vicarious, Mr. Crowley) With the ability to customize even your instruments now, this is quite the jam!

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