Genesis / CD / 32X Recommendations

Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures

barbaloot – This quirky little spin-off has you ushering Pac-Man around the world to meet his goals. That sounds easy, but it’s not always so simple. Since you have no direct control over Pac-Man, you need to use your trusty slingshot to interact with the environment to get Pac-Man where he needs to go. Sometimes frustrating, but mostly rewarding as you try to balance Pac-Man’s mood with how he would react to any given situation. Sometimes it’s better to keep him happy, sometimes it’s better to make him mad or sad. It all depends on what is going on. A fun game overall with some flaws that are easily overlooked for it’s charming approach to this icon of a character.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Mock – I never realized how much better Sonic 3 & Knuckles is than Sonic 2 until now, the powerups of fire, lightning, and water add depth and help to temper the often frustrating moments of Sonic. It also has much better platforming sections that have your palms sweating. The best level is obviously Ice Cap Zone Act 1, it is a clever design and has the best music in the game.

robjones – early levels suck donkey dick, but game picks up in later half. good game to play drunk

Sunset Riders

Barbaloot – Play in one of four characters in this wild-west inspired shoot-em-up. An overall solid Arcade experience, this game is actually a bit different on each edition, though I’d frankly recommend them all. Equipped with your pistol (or shotgun), you are out to take down the local bad guys, but it’s easier said than done. Some of these levels aren’t the hardest. but some bosses can lay down the hurt. Thankfully you have a few solid moves at your disposal, like the ever handy slide, or the ability to jump straight up to the next floor of a building. Overall solid title. Great for Co-Op.

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