Xbox Recommendations

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance

Barbaloot – A wonderful little hack n slash set in the D&D universe. Every version of the game is excellent, though the PS2 and Xbox versions are still clearly superior to the Gamecube one. With super good combat, pretty damn good visuals, and a pretty decent leveling system, this game is, at once, very representitive of the D&D property, as well as a great entry in the Hack n Slash genre. Topped off by amazing music by Jeremy Soule, who you no doubt know from his work with The Elder Scrolls and Putt Putt.

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2

Barbaloot – An overall improvement to the first game, which in itself was already very good. Same great visuals, same great music, same great combat. But now the story is a lot more in-depth, and is overall better than before. To add to that, weapon upgrading became a thing, and while expensive to get really amazing weapons from it, it can make even slightly less-than-good weapons completely viable later in the game.

Jet Set Radio Future

Barbaloot – Pure attitude. This stylish urban fantasy game has you join a gang of graffiti-spraying street thugs to push out rival gangs, and the police, out of the Tokyo area. Everything about this game oozes style, especially it’s wonderfully done cel-shaded graphics, and it’s hip soundtrack partially composed by legend Hideki Naganuma. As well as some licensed tracks in there from great artists like BOS, Guitar Vader and Count Latchula, it makes for a damn fine background noise to your daily “grind”. Not to mention, the story is pretty great, and even the multiplayer is hours of fun.

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