P-Lists #008 – Video Game Controllers

#008- Video Game Controllers It is how most of us express ourselves… through incredible pieces of metal and plastic. These serve as a vessel for many of us to truly show the world what we’re … Continue Reading →

P-Lists #007 – Mario Kart Courses

#007 – Mario Kart Courses Mario Kart! Wow! What a fun racing series. And it has been going on for how long now?! Holy cow! Considering how long this series has been going I suppose … Continue Reading →

P-Lists #006 – Mario Characters

Super Mario Bros! What a series with tons of fun games, locations, music and characters! And boy do I mean a lot of characters! It never seems to fail that every character brings on a following! Even the minions are often championed! So it’s time to find out the best characters in the Mario universe! Continue Reading →

P-Lists #005 – Zelda Games

#005 – Zelda Games The Legend of Zelda! Wow what a series! So many fans of so many of the games and yet the same fans who are championing one game are adamantly opposed to … Continue Reading →

P-Lists #004 – Role-Playing Games

#004 – Role-Playing Games Role-playing games have always been a popular genre. It seems like everyone has a great fondness for at least one. It’s a genre that many would say has seen its heyday … Continue Reading →

P-Lists #003 – Genesis Games

#003- Genesis Games Often times the Sega Genesis gets told to just play second fiddle to the Super Nintendo. But let’s be honest there’s gotta be something to play on this system right?! I guess … Continue Reading →

P-Lists #002 – N64 Games

#002- N64 Games The Nintendo 64! What a machine! For many it was the first glimpse at what gaming could be! It was also one heck of a local multiplayer monster. Often times the library … Continue Reading →

P-Lists #001 – 2D Platformers

#001- 2D Platformers Hello we are proud to announce P-Lists!!! A new exciting adventure for all P dash WING dot NET fans! We may not reach a consensus but we can try dangit! With 2D … Continue Reading →