Game Boy / Color Recommendations

Azure Dreams

barbaloot – While not nearly as in-depth as it’s PS1 sibling, this game is still quite the rogue-like. It’s dropped the town sim, and the romance angle, but it’s still a very good Pokemon-esque rogue-like. Will leave you loving it enough to try it’s superior Playstation twin.

BurgerTime Deluxe

barbaloot – A classic remade for the earliest handheld. The same basic structure of the original is here, but is overall generally improved. A unique Puzzle-ish Platformer-ish game that has to you walking over burger platforms to form burgers. Sandwiching enemies (pun intended) between burger bits awards extra points. It sounds simple, but the layouts in this game can get rather devious. Overall a solid little time waster.

Kirby’s Block Ball

ladyjuice – I found the game very cute and fun. As what I expect out of a kirby game. There were times I got very frustrated from the difficulty with some levels. I lack good hand eye coordination and having multiple sides of spikes made it somewhat hard for myself. The power ups were fun to use as, but I did end up losing a lot of them before I used them from death. Would I play it again? Yes, yes I would.

Yoshi – The best breakout style game there is and one of my personal favorites in Kirby. Not as good as I remember from childhood, but very fun nonetheless. Incredible music that I could listen to all day long. I wish there were more abilities, and I also wish the game itself was longer. I particularly loved the stages where you could control all 4 sides and had spikes on each. I think I could revisit this game once a year and it would always remain fun to me. The minigames leave much to be desired for, but the gameplay itself and the reflexes and attention you need to pull everything off are very well done.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Apple – I enjoyed this game a lot more than Super Mario Land 1. It is far more true to what you’d expect from Mario games. The spritework is pretty, the music is decent and the platforming feels solid! It has a nice difficulty also, I felt like the final stage was a rewarding finish to the game. I really like the two power-ups but find the bunny ears to be a bit too easily abused – they make the final level a walk in the park. I did love how fireballs actually killed bosses very quickly. This game seemed to reward holding onto powerups more than other mario games. There is a slight issue with the controls, I can’t say they are bad but they are not SMW levels of tightness. The hit detection is kinda wonky but just something I found myself adjusting to and not being bothered with. I like how the game rewards coin collecting in a different way and also a little bonus for killing 100 enemies was cool. I think most would agree that some of the levels are extremely forgettable though, which is the main issue I have with the game. A lot of them are just “safe” levels that don’t push the game to its limits… the final stage started going that direction but I wish the bonus levels at least took the game to new heights.

Blue Hedgehog – what a great game

tyler – fun game, mostly ez tho but cool levels. and nice balls.

RaveWave46 – The graphics are great for the system, very detailed despite being in only 4 shades of gray. The music is also very good and memorable. Overall this is an excellent portable Mario title that is well deserving of its name and should not be missed out by anyone!

Rawk – It’s actually a fairly solid Mario game! Its a lot better than Super Mario Land. If you’re into collecting/games on GameBoy you ought to have this one.

Refia – Super mario land 2 is a fun game otherwise marred by an unnecessarily frustrating final level. Many of the elements introduced in it aren’t used in the previous levels, so it feels like an overly difficult slog of memorization rather than a hard but fair culmination of everything you’ve learned. Other than that it’s a fun game with a few trolly moments, such as the spike ants you get no warning for, invisible block trolling in jump arcs and below powerups, and a level that does absolutely nothing when you beat it. I prefer most of the other mario games to it but that’s a relatively high bar in the first place.

sfc – he threw his fucking shoe at me

robjones – cool game good stuff i really liked the enemy that jacked off

TheOddScreen – Super Mario Land 2 is a good translation of a Mario platformer on the gameboy. It is unique with the creative worlds and enemies. The story takes about 2 hours to do without mistakes. One of the major problems I had with the game was the lag of the jumps or enemy movements. I usually had to do a few jumps to get the enemy. Some minor nitpicks were that the music was very gross. I love Kazumi Totaka and his music, but I couldn’t stand the music here. It was screechy and unenjoyable. The game felt too short. I enjoyed the game and would probably play it again at some point. It’s $3.99 on the eshop and is totally worth it. I would say it’s a must have for any Nintendo collection. Also it has Totaka’s song which is a cool concept.

Willie – I like how two bunny ears lets you fly, one bunny ear lets you shoot fire.

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