Brad Reviews: OnLive 2 Stadia Edition

Hey folks, it’s your boy Brad back at it again. Today I’m gonna be telling you about the weird new gaming platform Stadia. For reference, Stadia is a Google’s take on a game streaming service. … Continue Reading →

WANTED: Apple “apple juica” Juice

Hello gamers, we are currently on a manhunt for Apple “apple juica” Juice.   Here is his mugshot:    He can commonly be found: Riding da Dodongo Commentating Tecmo Bowl games Owning so hard (so … Continue Reading →

An Early Look at Smash Ultimate with Brad

Hey there, it’s the young bull Brad back with an exciting story to tell and my opinions on the new Smash Ultimate. As I was longboarding to Target last week, a copy fell off of … Continue Reading →

Brad Reviews Gamblor

“It’s like the game’s based on a 1960’s comic book or something.” – Gamblor This is Gamblor’s MAIN issue with his review. The main character, Spider-Man, was made in 1962. Do you know what else … Continue Reading →

Brad ReReviews: Marvel’s™ Spider-Man™ for the PlayStation 4™

Hi gamers, it’s the YOUNG BULL of the lounge here, Brad. After reading Gamblor’s review of the CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED Marvel’s™ Spider-Man™ for the PlayStation 4™ I just had to set the record straight. Here’s my rereview … Continue Reading →

VGDC Weekly Challenge #3 – Win in 15 Days or Less! (Pikmin)

THAT’S RIGHT GAMERS WE CUBIN’!!!!!! Now this is technically clearing the game but it’s so short I thought it’d be a good lil challenge run!!! Not much to say here, just gotta be on point … Continue Reading →

VGDC Weekly Challenge #1 – Ride the Elevator!!! (Spelunker for Famicom/NES)

WELCOME to the NEW weekly challenges, where we try to do a simple objective in a week!!! Heck if you like it you can even keep playing!!! This week’s challenge is to play the game … Continue Reading →

Video Game Discovery Club #2 – Valis 3 (PC Engine)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT’S up everybody and…uh…well let’s just ignore the armor on the box art but HAVE WE GOT A NEW GAME FOR YA THIS MONTH and this time it comes from YOU! Yes that’s right, user … Continue Reading →

Announcing the Video Game Discovery Club!!!!!! #1 – Pokemon Conquest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, alright, we hear you. Only NES/Famicom games? Maybe it’s too much. That’s why we’re broadening our horizons and going into the modern era also!!!!!!! Now don’t worry, your favorite old video games aren’t going … Continue Reading →

Retro Review – MOTHER (Earthbound Beginnings)

Mother is a game that I have a hard time writing about, which is weird because I tend to ramble on about everything. It has many downsides: It’s long, it’s very grindy, and the mechanics … Continue Reading →