Video Game Discovery Club #2 – Valis 3 (PC Engine)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT’S up everybody and…uh…well let’s just ignore the armor on the box art but HAVE WE GOT A NEW GAME FOR YA THIS MONTH and this time it comes from YOU! Yes that’s right, user submitted from gamma himself!!!! Now given I don’t know a dang thing about this game I’m just gonna type what I think this game is about!!! Alright so it looks like you got some castlevania lookin stuff going on but with anime girls…sign me UP!!!!! Cannot believe I have never played this epic title. Reminds me a bit of Wing of Madoola!!! Heh that’s probably the first time that got typed on the internet I bet! Well anyway it looks like a good ol action packed time, ONLY….

ONLY on the PC engine (TM) system (and genesis and probably other stuff also). Excited to see what our community has to offer in this epic adventure. Don’t forget this week’s challenge, coming soon (TM)!

And don’t forget, you can ALWAYS send in suggestions to and I will maybe use em for somethin! Look forward to it and enjoy gaming in the P dash wing paradise.

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