VGDC Weekly Challenge #4 – Clear 15 Levels!! (Wrecking Crew – Famicom/NES)

This week’s challenge is a lot more simple!!! Just do any levels you want in Wrecking Crew for NES or Famicom up to a total of 15!!! That’s right, it’s the one Mario game no … Continue Reading →

Video Game Discovery Club #3 – Sword of Mana (GBA)!

Thought I forgot didn’t ya??? Well I’ve been busy but here it is!!!! The Gammemorial RAGES on this month with ANOTHER gamma suggestion from days gone by…this month it’s Sword of Mana!!! I don’t know … Continue Reading →

VGDC Weekly Challenge #3 – Win in 15 Days or Less! (Pikmin)

THAT’S RIGHT GAMERS WE CUBIN’!!!!!! Now this is technically clearing the game but it’s so short I thought it’d be a good lil challenge run!!! Not much to say here, just gotta be on point … Continue Reading →

VGDC Weekly Challenge #2 – Get Two Instruments!!! (Random Link’s Awakening DX for GBC)

This week’s objective is simple and yet not: Get the instrument from two dungeons in a randomized Link’s Awakening file. What do I mean by randomized? The entrances, exits, items, and other things are shuffled … Continue Reading →

VGDC Weekly Challenge #1 – Ride the Elevator!!! (Spelunker for Famicom/NES)

WELCOME to the NEW weekly challenges, where we try to do a simple objective in a week!!! Heck if you like it you can even keep playing!!! This week’s challenge is to play the game … Continue Reading →

Video Game Discovery Club #2 – Valis 3 (PC Engine)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT’S up everybody and…uh…well let’s just ignore the armor on the box art but HAVE WE GOT A NEW GAME FOR YA THIS MONTH and this time it comes from YOU! Yes that’s right, user … Continue Reading →

Announcing the Video Game Discovery Club!!!!!! #1 – Pokemon Conquest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, alright, we hear you. Only NES/Famicom games? Maybe it’s too much. That’s why we’re broadening our horizons and going into the modern era also!!!!!!! Now don’t worry, your favorite old video games aren’t going … Continue Reading →

Retro Review – MOTHER (Earthbound Beginnings)

Mother is a game that I have a hard time writing about, which is weird because I tend to ramble on about everything. It has many downsides: It’s long, it’s very grindy, and the mechanics … Continue Reading →

NES of the Month #13 – Kid Icarus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See that goofy smirk?? That’s gonna be YOU after you kill Medusa!!! THAT’S RIGHT!!! YOU PLAYED METROID, YOU GOT DISAPPOINTED…WELL GAMER HERE’S SOMETHING BETTER!!!! AND IT’S NOT ONLY ON THE NES BUT ALSO ON THE … Continue Reading →

The Art of Getting Over It [Review]

The shopping cart on top of the mountain. Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a 2017 game about dragging yourself up a mountain of garbage and rocks commissioned by Humble Bundle and made by … Continue Reading →