Announcing the Video Game Discovery Club!!!!!! #1 – Pokemon Conquest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, alright, we hear you. Only NES/Famicom games? Maybe it’s too much. That’s why we’re broadening our horizons and going into the modern era also!!!!!!! Now don’t worry, your favorite old video games aren’t going anywhere. We’re gonna have all kinds of games in here. You might be thinking “how is this any different from GotM????” Well brother, aside from GotM no longer existing, we’re gonna focus more on games you might find interesting but haven’t checked out yet. What??? Not niche enough for you and you already beat it??? Don’t worry gamer, we’ll pick something not even the most battle hardened of gamers have played soon enough. You can email us suggestions for future games or genres you’d like to see too, gmail address is GCLVGDC@( but without the parentheses. We’ll track anything you want to here. Challenge runs? Random thoughts about the game???? Post it all!!!!!

To kick it off, this month is Pokemon Conquest!!! Now you may or may not have played it, but I feel like it’s one of the lesser played Pokemon games out there. What is it? It’s a dang strategy game, that’s what!!! Pokemon combines with Nobunaga’s Ambition to give you the tactical sengoku Japan inspired game you always knew you wanted. Pokemon? Strategy? It’s all here folks!!!!!! What??? You’re saying that combination makes no sense at all??? Well luckily it’s a dang fictional game where you can do anything hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get out there and game gamers!!!!!!

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Refia Completed 90/100 Said about every dang thing I need to already!!! I couldn’t get the hype goin this month because I had trouble streaming a certain way to play DS games on your computer, but it was a blast!!! Stay tuned.
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