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“It’s like the game’s based on a 1960’s comic book or something.” – Gamblor

This is Gamblor’s MAIN issue with his review. The main character, Spider-Man, was made in 1962. Do you know what else existed in 1962?

Racial Discrimination.

This game is trying to start a movement Gamblor. And I may have to rereview the game because of this. I believe Marvel’s™ Spider-Man™ for the PlayStation 4™ takes a drastic take and is trying to start a movement that we should all follow. Let’s rerun through the categories.

As a note, players of Marvel’s™ Spider-Man™ for the PlayStation 4™ may not want to continue reading as this review contains SPOILERS that gamblor has forced me to use.



I can understand that you may not have played the game gamblor and I respect the ambition you put towards your review. Saying this, everything you have wrote here is wrong. Assuming Spider-Man is black, you said that the police do not shoot at him when this is false. A police force hired by the mayor in the game is anti-Spider-Man and quite commonly try to take him down. This police force doesn’t care about race and they’re beyond that. They all exist in suits where you can’t see anything and they kill indiscriminantly. Checkmate, gamblor, the creators of Marvel’s™ Spider-Man™ for the PlayStation 4™ clearly do not see color. 


In Marvel’s™ Spider-Man™ for the PlayStation 4™, they do oversexualize women when it fits the source material. Besides that though, there are women, men, and anything in between in all shapes and sizes can be seen in this game. In my ReReview, I had a picture of me as writing this review. I’d like to admit that that was not men and it was in fact a character in Marvel’s™ Spider-Man™ for the PlayStation 4™. As you can see, all shapes and sizes are in this game. This pushes a movement for all gamers to accept the skin that they’re in. Thank you Spidey for sending a positive message to gamers of all ages.



Again, Marvel’s™ Spider-Man™ for the PlayStation 4™ prevails here. In the credits, it doesn’t list the sexuality of any member of the cast or crew. Truly beautiful. They hire without regard to sexuality and just want a damn good game. Something every gamer can get behind. Also, the BotW soundtrack is insane. Nice job, people.

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This section was extremely wrong gamblor, nice try. This game puts an emphasis on making you more than just a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. You fight larger than life villains this game, with one of the main villains being asian. Now I could see that this is an issue, but I did notice while playing the game that were no Native American villains. I researched further and personally emailed Insomniac Games. They replied with this statement.

“We originally were going to try and change the race of several characters in the game, but due to recent backlash by gamers we decided against it.”

Insomniac was pushed by gamers to keep all of the villains non-Native American. I feel really ashamed to be a gamer in times like these.

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^^^ Rumored villain of next Spider-Man Game ^^^


The Brad ReReReReview Score:

I’d like to summarize this review with what I believe to be the real intent of Marvel’s™ Spider-Man™ for the PlayStation 4™. This is more than just a game. You live in a utopian world(except where gamers don’t accept utopia) and make things better. Marvel’s™ Spider-Man™ for the PlayStation 4™ is trying to start a movement to push for a better world. Truly inspiring. This causes me to rethink the scores I gave the last game. “89 trillion gajillion/10” – Gamblor. I now align with Gamblor’s original review. Thank you for changing my opinion and I hope we can all come together as gamers for moments like these. 

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  • Gamblor says:

    Sorry Brad, I forgot to mention that once I realize someone is a racist there’s no point talking to them or reading anything they say. You probably say something in here about not being racist, but nothing can penetrate my opinion. We’ll just have to agree to disagree and also your Netflix series should still be cancelled. Goodbye forever.

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