Brad ReReviews: Marvel’s™ Spider-Man™ for the PlayStation 4™

Hi gamers, it’s the YOUNG BULL of the lounge here, Brad. After reading Gamblor’s review of the CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED Marvel’s™ Spider-Man™ for the PlayStation 4™ I just had to set the record straight. Here’s my rereview of Marvel’s™ Spider-Man™ for the PlayStation 4™.


I must preface this review that I am a big fan of both Spider-Man and Insomniac Games. I loved the Ratchet and Clank games and the Spider-Man movies as a kid. Not a comic book guy though.

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This is getting split up cause there’s a lot to talk about, it’s a video game after all.


This game makes you FEEL like Spider-Man. I don’t feel at all like the human spider hybrid man when I play Marvel’s™ Spider-Man™ for the PlayStation 4™. I do enjoy myself quite a bit though, and wish I got bit by more crossbred spiders or whatever they are. Everyone likes to point to the swinging and yeah it’s good. As you level up you gain more speed which oddly feels more satisfying than some of the skills you learn as you progress. More on that later. Swinging through the city is fun though, fast traveling is certainly a waste of time as you’ll miss something cool. One thing I really appreciated about movement in this game is when walking around slowly you didn’t feel like you had no control, an issue I have with Sonic games. Silly Hedgehog.



I felt that the combat in this game is so important it deserved it’s own section. It’s literally ripped straight from the Arkham series. They sped it up a bit cause you’re Spider-Man though. It’s fun.


Skill Tree, Gadgets, and Suits:

The skill tree is something I thoroughly enjoyed in this game. I appreciated not having to learn many more moves while fighting because I never use them anyway. Instead the focus is more improving the moves you learn from the start, but some are unnoticeable after unlocking. This still makes them more useful than the moves that I never learned to use in the Arkham games because I know they’re doing something. Nice goin’ Insomniac. Gadgets are extremely useful, but I didn’t use them cause the default web shooter worked just as well. Suits look cool and unlock a special ability when unlocked. You can use that special ability on any suit though so you can mix and match. As I went through the game though, I had just used one of the first abilities I unlocked because it was the most useful. They also have abilities that you can unlock independently of the suits. I never touched this after I picked my initial set. They didn’t seem too useful.


Gameplay Rating: 9/10.




They look good. Nothing really blew me away. Just current-gen graphics. People say this game is really pretty but most games are nowadays.


Graphics Rating: I don’t care /10.



It’s pretty good for a Spider-Man story. They skip the high school and college storyline which was convenient. He’s already an established hero by the time the story starts. All the twists are expected if you’re familiar with the web slinger. I had a good time playing through and was PUMPED UP to finish the story.


Story: 8/10.

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^^^ Brad while writing the review ^^^

Collectibles, Challenges, and Post- Story Content:

This is really boring. Like really really boring. You can fight through the same enemies 15 times. Help Harry Osborne do some tree-hugging. Find some stuff around the city. I tried playing the game today and I had no reason to play. Shame. Collecting backpacks was fun though. They had cool content with them. Oh yeah side-quests were okay, nothing too original though.

Useless Boring Content: 4/10.


Gamblor mentioned the Sound so I thought I should:

It’s got the uhh BotW Soundtrack but for spiders.


Sound: 11/10.



You just can’t play this game on the Xbox One. AND you get 4K UHD quality on the PlayStation 4 Pro™. What’s better than that. It’s your favorite superhero on your (2nd) favorite video game system. Apple and I both regrettably agreed the game would have been better on the Atari 5200.

Exclusivity: PS4/10.

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I had a good time playing Marvel’s™ Spider-Man™ for the PlayStation 4™. I’m a fan of both Insomniac and your favorite web crawler so I feel I should try to give an unbiased score and a biased score:

Biased Score: 9/10. I blasted through this game like no other, my only wish is they would have had more post game side-quests and content. Guess I’ll have to spend $30 on the DLC. Gameplay and Story are solid. Fun times.


Unbiased Score: 8/10. This game is really fun. Story is predictable though and gameplay is still basically Arkham. World is cool but there’s not much worthwhile to do in it. If you like Spider-Man you’ll like Marvel’s™ Spider-Man™ for the PlayStation 4™.

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  • Christopherzilla says:

    Nice article, I feel like you actually played through this game and that could be a problem if you plan to be a professional games journalist.

    • Mock says:

      Agreed. Brad, you need to throw in a few factual inaccuracies to raise doubt that you even played the game – talk about it’s two-player split screen mode and unlockable snowboarding minigame.

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