October 2015 – Silent Hill 2

Title: Silent Hill 2
Platforms: PlayStation 2
Release Date: September 24th, 2001
Developer: Team Silent
Publisher: Konami
Genre: Survival Horror

Members Completed: 3
Average Rating: 80.7/100
Member Progress Rating Review and/or Comments
gamma Completed 10/31 78/100 Clear Screen
Kuro Completed 10/03 100/100 My single favorite game ever; it does things that few other games even attempt to do. There isn’t a simple, universally-accepted definition of art, but one criterion is whether or not a work rewards analysis; if we look closely, and think about the details, will we realize something about the painting/poem/movie/game that isn’t immediately obvious otherwise, something that enriches our experience with the work? In SH2’s case, yes. It succeeds as art in ways that many other games, including later games in the SH series, have tried and failed to follow.
Yoshi Completed 10/20 64/100

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