March 2016 – Gunstar Super Heroes

Gunstar Super Heroes is the sequel to the classic Genesis game Gunstar Heroes. You can play as Red or Blue as you battle through six levels, employing one of three different weapon types. Each character has a slightly different story and balance, adding variety to the 2D platformer gameplay. Gunstar Super Heroes features large bosses and pseudo-3D effects that maximize the graphics capabilities of the Game Boy Advance.

Title: Gunstar Super Heroes
Platforms: Game Boy Advance
Release Date: October 25, 2005
Developer: Treasure Co. Ltd
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Run and gun

Members Completed: 4
Average Rating: 85.5/100
Member Progress Rating Review and/or Comments
Apple Completed 03/07 80/100 Treasure is one heck of a company! I’ve enjoyed plenty of their games, and Gunstar Heroes on the Genesis is one I grew up with! This sequel I’d say is not quite as good as the original. It lacks co-op and the weapons system isn’t as interesting. But HECK does it deliver on the bosses, especially Seven Force on higher difficulties. The game also likes to throw all sorts of different play styles at you and that kept the game very interesting. Shmup segments, a board game and even a flicky minigame. SAVE DEM CHICKS! I really enjoy this title and have always found it a fun playthrough.
gamma Completed 03/27 81/100 really new quick type of review here just typing ok well basically it’s an impressive run n gun game with shmup elements and also a board game part on the fourth stage that ruins the game a lot because of tedious checkpoint system of the olden days but the rest of the game and stages were so fun that it’s still an 81. stage 2 has surprise 3d overhead helicopter shump part then ANOTHER one on stage 5 where you can play from a million angles play it yourself to see more it’s great for a 2005 gba game. and a lot of boss rushes like even though stage 4 has an annoying board game part the actual areas to play when you land on the board are MOSTLY good boss fights and bonus stuff too. then at the end you fight even more bosses like 5 in a row then the final boss. it’s a perfect way to end and again very fun stages throughout. but not an easy game at all it’s difficult but one of my favorites on gba now for sure. recommended (Stream Highlight)
ladyjuice Incomplete –/100 Ignored the GameBoy Player with this game in it next to her for an entire month.
Mephisto Incomplete –/100 Streamed and stopped quickly. 
Refia Incomplete –/100 Streamed and stopped on Moon 4.
TheOddScreen Completed 03/07 100/100  
Willie Incomplete –/100 Streamed on Normal Mode, stopped at Moon 4. Restarted on Easy, stopped at Moon 4 again.
Yoshi Completed 81/100

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