June 2016 – Crusader of Centy / Kirby’s Adventure

Title: Crusader of Centy / Kirby’s Adventure
Platforms: Sega Genesis / Nintendo Entertainment System
Release Date: June 16, 1994 / May 1, 1993
Developer: Nextech / HAL Laboratory
Publisher: Atlus / Nintendo
Genre: Action-adventure / Platformer

Members Completed: 5 
Average Rating: —/100 | 84.75/100
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AppleCompleted 06/02
(Kirby's Adventure)
80/100One of the better showings on the NES. The music and the art style are both great. Lots of fun power-ups which ended up becoming what Kirby is known for today and is standard in all his games now. Fun bosses for the most part, especially the final two bosses - fun! Lots of memories playing this as a wee little dick so that bumps it up! Levels are pretty damn short and mostly ran through without thought. There are a load of secrets which makes the level design very good it played at a slower pace. In the end it's the most relaxing platformer on the system all around!
BradCompleted 06/07
(Kirby's Adventure)
93/100For a Metroid game, this felt very strange. The fact that samus was surrounded this time in a pink puff ball was quite strange but I quickly fell in love with this concept. The suit learning from it's enemies was really good with all the abilities having something to them other than the generic AoE abilities. Zero Suit Samus was completely missing from this entry again and I am very angry to see this oversight happen again. I thought the plot was quite interesting with Samus saving small creatures from nightmares? I like to think this was one of Samus's own nightmares and that you were playing through so that Samus could save herself. Graphics looked great for NES considering I played on the 3D Classics version. Boss fights were fun, but could be very easy depending on the suit-upgrade you had at the time. Overall very enjoyable Metroid spin-off that I will come back to in the future.
Doctor_ZzimCompleted 06/04
(Kirby's Adventure)
100/100Kirby's Adventure makes me want to blow Sakurai really hard and swallow his cum when he oozes into my throat. This charming adventure will have you drooling for him and everyone involved. The graphics are perhaps the best there is to offer on NES and the game flows wonderfully. The sound design is quite enjoyable and this game has one of my favorite soundtracks on NES. It's not too long nor too short for a Kirby game, sitting at a leisure pace of 6 hours to 100% for me. The extra game provides a nice challenge for those who want to replay with less health. All in all, this is as good as a fun, combat based platformer game gets for me. Must Play.
gammaCurrently Playing---/100
RefiaCompleted 07/10
(Kirby's Adventure)
90/100One of the best nes games IMO, what can I say? Kirby's adventure is a nice easy game to chill out and relax to while you save dream land. Classic gameplay, cool enemies and powers, UFO kirby, it's all here. Easily my second favorite Kirby game.
sfcCurrently Playing---/100
(Kirby's Adventure)

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