July 2016 – Pokemon Emerald / ActRaiser 2

Title: Pokemon Emerald / ActRaiser 2
Platforms: Game Boy Advance / Super Nintendo
Release Date: May 1, 2005 / November, 1993
Developer: Game Freak / Quintet
Publisher: Nintendo / Enix
Genre: Role Playing Game / Action Platformer

Members Completed: – 
Average Rating: —/100 | —/100
MemberProgressRatingReview and/or Comments
appleCurrently Playing---/100
AquaLaFlorCurrently Playing---/100
Doctor_ZzimQuit after a few minutes
---/100fuck this
gammaIncomplete at 3-2
RefiaCompleted 07/31
(Pokemon Emerald)
85/100Pokemon Emerald is a great game but I beat it already so I thought I'd make it interesting with a randomizer run. Shit was really weird and I didn't think one slightly overleveled pokemon could take out the elite four and champion but for the most part it worked. I really rushed at the end, so my party's levels were really low except for one pokemon who was basically on par with where I should have been across the board if I took my time. I'm a bit disappointed I didn't get to level everyone up to have my whole party have good movesets but everybody did their job. I like the newer gens better mostly because of the lack of a bag limit, which really bothered me this time, but it was alright.
YoshiCurrently Playing---/100

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