November 2016 – Mega Man X / Perfect Dark

Title: Mega Man X / Perfect Dark
Platforms: Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Nintendo 64
Release Date: January 21, 1994 / May 22, 2000
Developer: Capcom / Rare
Publisher: Capcom / Nintendo
Genre: Platformer / First Person Shooter

Members Completed: 3 
Average Rating: —/100 | —/100
Member Progress Rating Review and/or Comments
Apple Completed 11/02
(Mega Man X)
75/100 gud stuff stay tuned for huge detaled review!!1!!
Brad Currently Playing —/100
gamma Currently Playing —/100
Kuro Currently Playing —/100
Refia Completed 11/02
(Mega Man X)
70/100 Mega Man X is a fun game and decent mega man game. I think it is praised a bit too highly because I really enjoy the classic mega man games more, although part of it might have been due to me spending an hour on sigma. The long hall before the boss fight with enemies that drop lots of items, while convenient, takes way too long to farm (which was probably why they’re there and give 1 ups and energy and subweapon energy), and it just felt like a chore when I died on it twice and had to spend like 20 minutes just getting ready to challenge him again. I’m not sure I like how hard the hadouken is to pull off considering it’s this super secret thing you have to get everything to get. I wish I could use it with less than full health but have it be a little less powerful. Also, a lot of miniboss enemies take way too many shots to kill and just feel like bullet sponges. I never really got this feeling in the classic series much, and it recurs a lot in the regular stages. Still, it’s interesting, and the game does a lot of things right, it just has an ending that felt more frustrating to me than even mega man 1 did. I still prefer the classic series, but I had fun beating this game. It’s good, but it’s not as good as it could be. (Stream Highlight)
Willie Completed 11/05
(Mega Man X)
Yoshi Currently Playing —/100

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