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What is a horror film that you have watched that scared you surprisingly?


Mine is Paranormal Activity

I went in thinking this is going to be so stupid because I do not believe in ghosts and the like.  Well the way it was shot and the timing of everything really creeped me out.  It was a good week before I could go to the bathroom without apple walking me there.  I feel stupid even admitting this movie scared the shit out of me, but it did and here I am sharing that information with you guys.   XD

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The only scary movie that ever scared me was Halloween 1/2 and it was because they were the first I ever watched and it was all new to me. After that nothin' ever bothered me really in terms of horror films. The films that really bother me now are ones where people's children are being threatened like The Room or The Road. idk, the shit is just so unsettling to me.


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