On a scale from 1-10 how racist is this image? (10 is most racist)  



it aint about how hard ya game, it's how hard you can get game over'd and keep gaming forward

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can we remove this from my screen? as a native american of the gamenwatch tribe I am highly offended


Don't punch me below the belt

i tried removing it but my ISP wont???? wtf


as a Human Torch i am offended by the depiction of torches, so this has to be a 10

ok... SERIOUSLY??!??? making light of this whole situation? like REALLY???


Thank God They Took This *CRAP* Out Of That Smashing Bro Game!!!


Its 100/10 racist obviously thank goodness someone caught this - it would have cost nintendo millions with all the people not buying the game because of this!!!!!

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im just glad i can buy the game again... whew that was close


10, that's why I want to keep it



Is it also as accompanied by the sound effect when you do the waaaaa waaaaa waaaaa waaaaa sound by slapping the hand over the mouth?

If not, it's only a 9/10,

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This comment is 10/10 racist

No! In order to qualify as 10/10 racist the game n' watch guy has to do the racist sound effect too.

If you just rate the picture as 10/10, you have wasted all your outrage points! Better to make it a 9/10 so you can adjust the score later when/if further outrage occurs.

cowboys and indians is racist to depict in anything. end all period pieces depicting this era...

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