Character Battle Round 2! Holy Moly! (CLOSED)

It’s time for Round 2! You all know the drill at this point. Many hearts are soon to be broken but at the same time many hearts will flutter as they edge closer to being … Continue Reading →

Splatoon Saturdays!

Well here it is folks! An invitation DIRECTLY to you, the incredible member. Splatoon is coming very soon and we are anxious to play together as a unit. So please, take this information below … Continue Reading →

Tabletop Simulator Elite GCL Squadron

hello we are playing this tomorrow, monday, july 10th 2017 at 8pm Eastern 7pm Central We also think that this will be a designated time to play Basically Mondays at this Time you know ? … Continue Reading →

The GCL Forums have returned – Long Live da King

We are proud to give you a link to the new boards which will serve as the final resting place of the storied and ever changing GCL Message Boards. The forums can also be accessed … Continue Reading →

Character Battles 2017 User Nominations (CLOSED)

Wow! (Did not see this coming!!!) Hello and welcome to the OFFICIAL P dash WING dot NET Character Battles Nominations post!!! Very soon we will be hosting a FIERCE poll competition between video game characters. How … Continue Reading →

The Mario “Brothers”

“Let’s not for a second claim that we know the nature of the relationship between these two people.” And just like that, it started off with a bang. But isn’t that how all things start … Continue Reading →

July 2017 – Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest is a bit of a genremix – It’s a ‘Metroidvania‘, but with a stronger platforming focus and light RPG elements, all set within an atmospheric world. let’s all save the … Continue Reading →

a sparkling life

First of all, it’s honestly a pleasure to be here. Second of all, I’d like to be talking now about how my name is Dan Hank and that this is my diary I will be writing … Continue Reading →


June 2017 – Sonic Adventure

A classic game featuring the fastest hedgehog arcovfefe Member Progress Rating Review Apple Completed (Sonic) –/100   Blue_Hedgehog Playing –/100   gamma Completed (Sonic, Gamma, Big, Amy, Knuckles) 70/100 one of the best games ever made … Continue Reading →