Tabletop Simulator Elite GCL Squadron

hello we are playing this tomorrow, monday, july 10th 2017 at 8pm Eastern 7pm Central We also think that this will be a designated time to play Basically Mondays at this Time you know ? … Continue Reading →

The GCL Forums have returned – Long Live da King

We are proud to give you a link to the new boards which will serve as the final resting place of the storied and ever changing GCL Message Boards. The forums can also be accessed … Continue Reading →

Character Battles 2017 User Nominations (CLOSED)

Wow! (Did not see this coming!!!) Hello and welcome to the OFFICIAL P dash WING dot NET Character Battles Nominations post!!! Very soon we will be hosting a FIERCE poll competition between video game characters. How … Continue Reading →

The Mario “Brothers”

“Let’s not for a second claim that we know the nature of the relationship between these two people.” And just like that, it started off with a bang. But isn’t that how all things start … Continue Reading →

July 2017 – Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest is a bit of a genremix – It’s a ‘Metroidvania‘, but with a stronger platforming focus and light RPG elements, all set within an atmospheric world. let’s all save the … Continue Reading →

a sparkling life

First of all, it’s honestly a pleasure to be here. Second of all, I’d like to be talking now about how my name is Dan Hank and that this is my diary I will be writing … Continue Reading →


June 2017 – Sonic Adventure

A classic game featuring the fastest hedgehog arcovfefe Member Progress Rating Review Apple Completed (Sonic) –/100   Blue_Hedgehog Playing –/100   gamma Completed (Sonic, Gamma, Big, Amy, Knuckles) 70/100 one of the best games ever made … Continue Reading →

Top 10 Video Games of All Time

Let’s get this going in the comments. The last time we did a list was on the old site back in March 2015. We now have new members and different brains. hi we need more … Continue Reading →

May 2017 – Super Metroid

space dragons play this game with gcl this month Member Progress Rating Review Apple Playing –/100   AquaLaFlor Playing –/100   gamma Playing –/100   Kuro Playing –/100   prg Playing –/100   Yoshi Playing … Continue Reading →

happy birthday to our greatest administrator and friend

on the front page u only see one apple but when u look closer u can easily see the truth (shown above) with the right soil and conditions, u can do anything. we are always … Continue Reading →