P-Wing Ranks the Super Mario Series

With Odyssey being out for a little while now, I thought it would be a good time to have another P-Wing Ranks list. Here is a chronological list of the games you will be ranking.  … Continue Reading →

P-Wing Ranks: The Super Mario 64 Levels

  Going to ignore the Bowser Levels, Princess Slide, etc, and P-Wing as a community will RANK the 15 levels from #1-#15 Stage 1 – Bob-omb Battlefield Stage 2 – Whomp’s Fortress Stage 3 – Jolly Roger Bay … Continue Reading →

Yoshi’s Hut

since everyone but me is terrible at updating everything i’m gonna have this here 4 u guys to comment on and for my reference

P-Wing Ranks the Zelda Series

Now that everyone has had a chance to play Breath of the Wild, it’s time for the community to do a ranking of the games that they have played.  I hope that we can be … Continue Reading →