P-Wing Ranks the Super Mario Series

With Odyssey being out for a little while now, I thought it would be a good time to have another P-Wing Ranks list. Here is a chronological list of the games you will be ranking.  … Continue Reading →

P-Wing Ranks: The Super Mario 64 Levels

  Going to ignore the Bowser Levels, Princess Slide, etc, and P-Wing as a community will RANK the 15 levels from #1-#15 Stage 1 – Bob-omb Battlefield Stage 2 – Whomp’s Fortress Stage 3 – Jolly Roger Bay … Continue Reading →

P-Wing Ranks the Zelda Series

Now that everyone has had a chance to play Breath of the Wild, it’s time for the community to do a ranking of the games that they have played.  I hope that we can be … Continue Reading →

Top 10 Video Games of All Time

Let’s get this going in the comments. The last time we did a list was on the old site back in March 2015. We now have new members and different brains. hi we need more … Continue Reading →

Top 10 NES Games

Everyone’s favorite retro game console where the Mario guy got pretty BIG. What are the 10 best NES games in your completely honest opinion?

Top 5 Desserts

Food! We all love to eat it. This month we’re going to find out everyone’s favorite desserts. Cakes! Ice Cream! Cakes in a cup! Chocolates! Oh yes the list goes on. Narrowing it down to … Continue Reading →

Top 5 Super Mario Characters

The Super Mario series is one of the longest running in video games. With the success of the franchise has come many titles and many characters. This list we’re aiming to narrow it down to … Continue Reading →