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[Solved] Does anyone actually like the Xbox One?

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Does anyone actually like the Xbox One?

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I like it.  Not as much as I would have hoped - DEFINITELY not as much as the original Xbox or Xbox 360, but the Xbox One has a few things going for it.

Backwards Compatibility for a lot of 360 games and some original Xbox games.  When Microsoft originally announced that there would not be backwards compatibility on the XBO, I sort of defended their decision.  The Xbox 360 PPC architecture is fairly unique and community efforts for emulation of this have gone pretty much nowhere (   It just didn't seem like that specs of the XBO would be able to handle 360 emulation at full speed - even if Microsoft was willing to put in the R&D time to work out an emulator... but, I was wrong (for once).  Microsoft came through and added backwards compatibility to a initially short but constantly growing list of Xbox360 games.  I don't think a lot of my niche shmup favorites will come to BC, but who knows.  From what I understand, Microsoft has to get approval on a publisher-by-publisher basis for each game in order to offer them on Xbox One - which is why some are missing.  The 360 emulator runs really well and Microsoft has improved it over the course of the XBO lifespan.  It runs most games without any problems, and I've seen examples of some games running slightly better on the XBO than on native 360 hardware.  I had built up quite a digital library during the Xbox 360-era, so having an XBO around means that I can access these titles and not have wasted my money.  I still play quite a bit of Red Dead Redemption, Streets of Rage 2 360 port, skate 3, and some others.  The xbox emulator works really well too - but so far I've only played a little Ninja Gaiden.  This is a good reminder to myself to play some Crimson Skies

Official Kodi Application.  Formerly known as XBMC, Kodi is the absolute king of streaming right now.  I know some bad kids are into streaming illegal content using addons and whatnot - I don't know anything about that... But I do like to stream my personal video and music collection.  I actually own a few minicomputers around my house that run kodi... But it's especially nice to run this on the Xbox one and save an HDMI port for something else - like a Super NT or something.  The application is still in beta stages, but it works really well.  MUCH MUCH better than the DLNA application ships with the xbox and literally doesn't support subtitles AT ALL.  All in all, it's cool to see xbmc/kodi come full circle from originally being a legally dubious thing to run on your OG xbox, to a really sweet app you can officially run on your Xbox One

Forza Series has been strong on XBO.  I don't want to go into a lot of detail here of each game, this isn't a game review, but the Forza games which are PC/Xbox exclusive (Aka: "Microsoft" exclusive; not really console exclusive but I digress) have been really strong on the Xbox One.  Forza 5, Forza 6, Forza Horizon 2 are some of the best simulation-ish racers available to boot.  Gran Turismo can't hold a candle to these games.  The xbox runs these games really well, and the rumble devices under each trigger offer a really effective force feedback method for allowing you to "feel" your tires slipping.  I used to have trouble playing Forza/GT with the sound off - because I couldn't hear the tires.  But with Forza 5 and on, I can't actually sorta play with no sound and still get an idea when my tires are starting to lose traction.  Any Forza gamer knows that traction is *everything*

Spotify and "Background Music Playback/Integration".  Okay so neither of these things were available at launch but we have them now.  And they work pretty well.  When I played xbox 360, I hardly *ever* listened to the official soundtrack of multiplayer games.  Or if I was replaying a game, I would typically opt for my own music instead of forcing myself to listen to OST again.  On 360, you could plug in an iPod or set up a DLNA server, and stream music from that - and the Xbox 360 OS would mute the background music of the game.  So you could replace the OST with anything you wanted.    Now I was really annoyed that xbox one didn't have this feature - I complained quite a bit on the xbox feedback page... It took years, but eventually we got a app agnotistic "Background music integration" feature ( So now you can play Forza and not have to listen to the same forza soundtrack songs OVER. and OVER. and OVER. and OVER again.  This was so annoying for me that I actually had a mixer set up inbetween my xbox and my AVR so that I could mix my own music with the sounds from the xbox... By the way - I hear have always been able to do this on PS4 with spotify but I never played on PS4 for very long

Games with Gold Program gives out a lot of games, some decent.  If you know me, you know I don't really like to buy games.  I don't want to buy a new RPG when I already have Earthbound that I'm playing.  I don't really need a new action shoot things game when there are classic FPS titles that I'm dying to replay and shmup games that I really enjoy replayable.  However, Microsoft "gives" (ie: playable as long as you have XBL subscription.  if it lapses and you renew later, you still have access once you resub) you 2 XBO games per month and actually gives you 2 360 games a month (they unlock in your account as if you purchased them).  This is great - this is how I got sunset overdrive and Streets of Rage 2.  It's just a neat incentive to turn on the box to see what free shit microsoft is giving to you.  I've been doing this for as long as GwG has been around so i have a pretty insane library of games that I just got for clicking on them during the right month.

Xbox One S has clean white American aesthetic.  Just like my white american cheese.  Seriously though, the xbox one S is pretty sexy

BluRay player.  This is the only BluRay player I own besides my PS3.  I've only used it maybe two or three times, but I like the fact that it does BluRay because my autism would make me want to buy a BluRay player for the four or five stupid BluRays that I own otherwise

Games run better on Xbox then they do on PC (well some games).  As much as I love PC, I'm not going to deny when games are literally unplayable on there.  Mortal Kombat X runs a lot better on Xbox then the shitty rushed PC port as well as that new shitty batman game I didn't play.  I know this is an exception rather than the rule, but I feel that it should be documented here

It didn't give me HIV / AIDS.  Crazier shit has happened before but not with the Microsoft Xbox One S - and I am very thankful for that.

SportsVidyaGame Box.  I know these games aren't popular with GCL and other elite gaming communities, but its nice to have a console to play Madden, NHL and 2K on.  A lot of gamers view these games as a trap - where you have to shell out $60 each year to keep playing.  But if you are only casually into the games, there's nothing wrong with playing an older version that you picked up for $5 used after the new one comes out.  And while you can play these on a PS4, I don't think there are PC ports of many of those sports games.  Even when Madden had a PC port, it was so bad that I don't think anyone played it.  So if you like sports games, Xbox one totally has you covered in this area

HDMI input and OneGuide are pretty neat if you still use Cable.  I have a cable TV subscription so that I can watch my local sports teams like 76ers basketball and E A G L E S football.  The OneGUIDE feature is pretty unique, and allows me to circumvent the absolutely horrid UI and slow menus of my cable TV box by using the OneGUIDE overlay on xbox.  This basically allows me to not only get a slightly better voice-enabled UI, but also it frees up another HDMI port for something like a SCART->HDMI converter for sega Saturn.  I have to say though - it occasionally has audio/video sync issues (and its *not* my setup) but Microsoft doesn't really care enough to fix them and just tells people to buy a new receiver.  But it's not always a problem.  Actually the AV sync issues sorta cancels this out as a positive.  It's a slight positive.  I've lost faith in microsoft fixing this


So yeah, I like my Xbox One.  I got my shortly after launch when I got really lucky on the blackjack tables in AC and then bought a discounted Titanfall bundle from Wal Mart.  I enjoyed Titanfall - and it even added some PvE modes that are pretty fun when you're too burnt out to be faster/better than the people you are playing with.  I was able to find a Forza 5 code on ebay for about $10 because Microsoft was selling forza console bundles - and non-racing fans were happy to get $10 for a game they would never play.

I sunk a ton of time into FF15 on xbox one.. 80 hours at least... It's not a great game by any means, but as far as the Xbox goes - it ran the game fine.  The load times were awful but they are just going to be awful unless you are running the entire game on a SSD

I dont wanna talk about Halo:MCC much but Microsoft felt bad about the whole thing and gave me Halo ODST for free and some other free games because they saw I preordered it and it was a disaster

There are actually a few shmups on xbox - Sin Mora and Raiden 5 come to mind.. They aren't that good - but they are there

All in all, the console could have been way better. But it wasnt' so bad that I went out and sold it for a PS4 - when I could have easily done that.  In fact, I traded my xbox one in for a xbox one S instead of a PS4.  But that likely had more to do with my investment in my Xbox Live digital game library then it did with which console is "objectively" better.  There are a few games that I felt like I "missed out on" with xbox (notably Neir Automata, Bloodborne, DQ11) but chances are - I would have bought them and they would have sat around for years until I finally got around to playing them anyway.  So yeah - Xbox One?  It's not very good but it could have been worse.  Imagine if it had no kodi and no backwards compatibility... if that were the case, I would have definitely sold it by now.  But Microsoft has done *just enough* right for me to hold on to this stupid box and use it for Kodi, Spotify, Megaman Collection, and Streets of Rage 2.  In fact, I actually have a group of pins called "the only reason i still own this thing" which includes all of those


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ladyjuice ladyjuice October 25, 2018 5:46 PM

That's a lot of words


No one alive likes it also theres no reason to own one if u have a pc hope this helped!!!

jk idk im sure its great but not for me


they don't have marvel's tm spider-man tm for the tm playstation tm 4 tm pro tm so no it's not good. rt if u agree

Refia October 26, 2018 11:56 AM


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I actually do like it for a lot of reasons prg listed.

They actually try with BC and still regularly add old games to it.

I like the controller a little better than PS4, mainly for the top left stick position.

The Bluray player works better. Sony systems always seem to have an issue with DVD/BD sound and its annoyed me since PS2. Voices in movies are always quiet while background noise is super loud, so its hard to hear people talk. Adjusting settings only helps a tiny bit. Xbox sounds fine though. I think Sony’s trying to force you to buy surround sound speakers.

Decent interface now. The launch interface blew, but now it’s better and you can freely move things around. Best current interface of the 3 current consoles imo.

Apple Topic starter October 26, 2018 8:12 PM

I do like the controller better than the DS4. I can say that for sure!


Great for Funimation



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thats.... it? wtf

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