P-Lists #007 – Mario Kart Courses

#007 – Mario Kart Courses Mario Kart! Wow! What a fun racing series. And it has been going on for how long now?! Holy cow! Considering how long this series has been going I suppose … Continue Reading →

P-Lists #006 – Mario Characters

Super Mario Bros! What a series with tons of fun games, locations, music and characters! And boy do I mean a lot of characters! It never seems to fail that every character brings on a following! Even the minions are often championed! So it’s time to find out the best characters in the Mario universe! Continue Reading →

P-Lists #005 – Zelda Games

#005 – Zelda Games The Legend of Zelda! Wow what a series! So many fans of so many of the games and yet the same fans who are championing one game are adamantly opposed to … Continue Reading →

P-Lists #002 – N64 Games

#002- N64 Games The Nintendo 64! What a machine! For many it was the first glimpse at what gaming could be! It was also one heck of a local multiplayer monster. Often times the library … Continue Reading →

P-Lists #001 – 2D Platformers

#001- 2D Platformers Hello we are proud to announce P-Lists!!! A new exciting adventure for all P dash WING dot NET fans! We may not reach a consensus but we can try dangit! With 2D … Continue Reading →