April 2017 – Ikaruga / Suikoden II



shooting in space science fiction with many colors and Also High quality japanese magic fighting rpg havenet played it good time to play some people like the rpg and havent playe suikon 2 still

Member Progress Rating Review
crunchyfish Playing –/100 i’m five ours into suikoden 2 and it’s still not arc the lad, nor is it arc the lad II and i’m starting to feel like i was taken advantage of by even pirating this game.
gamma Playing –/100 N/A

Completed 04/29

(Suikoden II)

96/100 (Review) (Images)
prg Playing –/100 N/A
Yoshi Playing –/100 N/A


  • gamma says:

    hello i have played suikoden 2 for 4 hours now and so far it is a very well made jrpg with unique stuff as well as unique things. stay tuned to find out if it will end up on my top 10 games list and also join us for this great game of the month and more only at p-wing / gcl


  • Yoshi says:

    hello i have played ikaruga for 2 hours now and so far im dying a lot

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