Character Battles 2017 User Nominations (CLOSED)

Wow! (Did not see this coming!!!)

Hello and welcome to the OFFICIAL P dash WING dot NET Character Battles Nominations post!!! Very soon we will be hosting a FIERCE poll competition between video game characters. How do we decide who is nominated? Well that’s your job! Every member is allowed to nominate and all nominations are automatically put into the bracket! So NOM with CONFIDENCE!

Guidelines for making nominations

  • Every member is allowed to nominate 3 characters.
  • Character must be from a video game.
  • Only one entry per character.
  • Nominations must be left below in the comment section.

We will be voting on fandom solely, this is not a battle of who you think would win in a fight. It’s essentially a popularity contest and the most beloved character shall win. So follow your heart gamers, get out there and nominate. Once we have all nominations the bracket will be made and the intense character battle war will begin. Stay tuned for intense polls where the people (YES YOU!) will be voting on your favorite video game characters in an ALL OUT BRAWL!!!! 

Character Nominated by
2B Rawk
Aloy Burbanana
Akira Kurusu Rawk
Ark soyfood
Ayla soyfood
Bridget HK
Bongo Bongo AquaLaFlor
Bubsy gorey
Croc gorey
Diskun prg
Donkey Kong Apple
Doomguy Burbanana
Gengar ladyjuice
Georg Prime Kuro
Gex gorey
Gwyndolin HK
Jack Frost AquaLaFlor
James Sunderland Kuro
JC Denton Willie
Jetskier 3 Gamblor
K.K. Slider jyank
Kickmaster Gamblor
King of All Cosmos, The Mock
Kirby Tyler
Klonoa Mock
Knuckles the Echidna Willie
Koopa the Quick Yoshi
L Block prg
Lanky Kong Willie
Link Blue Hedgehog
Lucca Kuro
Mallow jyank
Mario Brad
Marth gamma
Mega Man Hero
Metaknight ladyjuice
Michael Jackson Hero
Midna gamma
Mii Brad
Miku Hatsune HK
Ness pocketroid
NiGHTS pocketroid
Niko Bellic Burbanana
Phoenix Wright strife89
Purple Pikmin Blue Hedgehog
Qbby Apple
Ratchet and Clank Brad
Reala AquaLaFlor
Red Arkanoid Paddle Yoshi
Revali ladyjuice
Robin strife89
Rolf jyank
Samus soyfood
Shadow Blue Hedgehog
Shantae Mock
Shatterhand Gamblor
Simon Belmont pocketroid
Sonic the Hedgehog prg
Tommy Pickles Hero
Velvet Crowe Rawk
Vivi strife89
Yoshi Yoshi
Yumetaro Apple
Yuna gamma

Character Nomination Chart will be updated as nominations are made!


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