NES of the Month #1 – Mega Man 3!!!!!!!

Mega Man 3

IT’S THAT TIME FOLKS and WOW look at that box art!!! Heh well guess it was never that time before BUT IT IS NOW!!!! Get hype because this NEW event is gonna knock your socks off!! A new NES game every month!! I picked my favorite Mega Man game on the system this month because I think it’s pretty accessible and wanna start this off with a bang! Beat the game and post about it or w/e I dunno it’s fun!!

Member Progress Rating Review
Apple Playing –/100 N/A
Brad Playing –/100 N/A
gamma Playing –/100 N/A
ladyjuice Playing –/100 N/A
prg Playing –/100 N/A
Refia Completed twitch 95/100 WOW what a game!!! This is maybe my third or fourth time through and it’s still just as fun. There are some annoying stages but nothing anyone can’t beat if they use the right strategies. Most of it is just straight up fun classic mega man! And you can slide, what more do you want?????
yoshi Beat Robot Masters –/100 N/A
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  • Yoshi says:

    I got the 8 robot masters defeated so far but none of the dark stages…so you can put that as my progress currently until I one day finish

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