NES of the Month #2 – Adventures of Lolo!!!


It’s time for a new game!!! WOOOOOOO!! This one is pretty easy as long as you use your old noggin and frankly I think it’s the best puzzler on the NES! Good Stuff!
And remember: just like in real life, if you get stuck you can press the select button to kill yourself.

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apple Playing
AquaLaFlor Playing
gamma On Floor 7 65/100
Refia Completed twitch 92/100 Pretty fun game and about as fun as I remember it!! Wow!!!!!! I like how the game teaches you to play it by gradually introducing new stuff or requiring you to use a concept you might not have figured out on your own in a fairly simple stage before mashing the ideas together in more complicated stages. There’s a few mostly-action stages, but overall you just need to think stuff through to beat this game, it doesn’t usually demand a ton of your reflexes and that’s why I think it makes a pretty good puzzle/action hybrid. The challenge is there on the action side, but nothing really insane to worry about.
Yoshi Completed
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