NES of the Month #3 – Choujin Sentai Jetman!!



This game might seem familiar if you’ve seen Power Rangers…well Power Rangers borrowed from a bunch of different series including the one in this game!! Giant robot fights, platforming action, guns, it’s all here!!

Also, I should put here some tips: You can block in giant robot mode by holding down, use special attacks in any mode with start, and when in robot mode, your power bar builds as you block and take damage. The more it fills up, the more damage your start attack will do! Outside of robot mode, you can use start to kill most things on screen. You can hold up and attack to do a kick, which can be useful sometimes. Also remember there are 3 different weapons among the 5 characters so some might be better than others for some areas! WHAT A GAME!

It can be a bit hard to find physically at around $40 (cheaper if you can import from and if you have an American NES you will need an adapter like the Honey Bee or a cheaper alternative, but it’s worth it!!

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gamma Completed twitch  65/100 The stages are a bit too short, especially on Easy. But the game has Normal, Hard, and Very Hard difficulties which is a great feature. Music is pretty good on all stages, with the last few standing out the most to me. I guess it’s cool that you can choose different characters but it’s not really necessary until Hard or Very Hard because they basically function as lives at that point. The boss fights are atrocious and are the main reason that my rating is what it is. It’s sad too since aside from that there is some solid action platforming that reminds me of a slower version of Ninja Gaiden, and there are no issues with the music as I said before. Overall, I think the game was worth playing, but not worth playing with two exclamation marks after as Refia wrote in the description above.
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Refia Completed twitch 80/100 Jetman is a short game but I find the whole thing fun! The only major complaint I have is that Hard and Very Hard are pretty similar and I would have enjoyed a harder but not one-shot level difficulty. Who knows though, maybe I’ll do very hard eventually. The different weapons make for different gameplay styles but I picked Black Condor every time because he’s a ladies’ man, beats people up and rides a motorcycle. So if you really think about it, he’s way cooler than everyone else anyway. A very cool game for a very cool show and you get to be a giant robot. What more could you ask for??? It’s not the best game ever but it’s a unique and dang solid title if you ask me!
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