NES of the Month #4 – Sweet Home!!!!!!


SWEET HOME BRO!! HOW MUCH WAS IT?? This game is probably the first survival horror rpg game ever!!! Or at least one of the first, and it also happens to be pretty good!

Basically you play as a group of people stuck in a mansion and you have to survive by solving puzzles and fighting stuff! This game is what inspired Resident Evil, so it may be somewhat familiar if you’ve played any of those in terms of atmosphere. For physical players you will probably have to buy a repro but they don’t tend to be too expensive from what I’ve found. If you’re emulating you’ll need a pre-patched version or you’ll need to patch it yourself. This game is way ahead of its time and really fun!

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Refia Completedtwitch 92/100 What a game!!!! There’s some clunky stuff for sure, but the fact that you can save anywhere takes most of the pain away from the game. Sweet Home was way ahead of its time, with a fully fledged RPG battle system, well thought out horror mechanics that will force you to split your team up more than you’d probably like, and a good story to boot! It’s easy to see how this was the precursor to Resident Evil. It even has tons of inventory management, probably more than any Resident Evil game, since you control five characters with their own separate inventories. Often the hardest decisions you’ll make will be what tool to leave behind or take with you, as you have very limited space and find a lot of useful stuff. Still one of my favorite NES games after a replay.
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