NES of the month #7 – Gimmick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What can I say about this game I haven’t already????? Arguably the best platformer ever made on the NES, with amazing music to boot!!! Remember to get the secret item in every level to get that good ending!!! We WILL track it here, that’s right folks, that’s cause we do it BIG here at NES of the Month!!!

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apple Completed – Good End    
gamma Completed – Bad End 70/100 Great music and graphics for an NES game, but it also came out very late in the NES’ life, so this is how it should be. It’s unique because your normal and only attack/move is throwing a star that takes a few seconds to charge up and is unable to be thrown forward in a straight line so you need to make sure you are done with Physics class and are very patient. There are times when you can take advantage of the star by riding on it but the excitement for that is very short-lived and there are barely good moments for it except for at the end of Stage 3 and 2 other parts in Stages 5 and 6 that are very difficult to pull off so that most speedrunners I’ve seen for the game don’t even do it every time. After jumping it is very slippery and you need to either stop completely or hold back on the D-Pad to correct it. You will mostly die due to the controls or not jumping correctly as there aren’t many enemies in this game. But, the replayability is fairly good due to the challenge and the secret items to collect. Overall, it’s pretty cute and unique, but it’s not amazing and definitely not worth more than about $10. Try it just to say you’ve beaten/heard of this game for internet points.
gamblor Completed – Good End 100/100 My favorite parts were the ones made to trick you into dying, like running through 3 conveyor belt rooms just to go flying into a water pit. great music too, and smart ai for the nes. I like how the tooth guy in the last level only attacks you if you hit the birds.
Refia Completed – Good End 100/100 YES I WENT THERE AND WHY WOULDN’T I RATE THAT HIGH??? THIS GAME SIMPLY RULES!!!! Died a little bit but that’s life!!! Once you learn this game it’s an absolute blast to just pick up and run through. Serious props to Sunsoft, may they keep making mobile and pachinko games in heaven. The music is perfect, the game is challenging even after you master it, and the gameplay is the best on the system and dare I say almost any system!!!! WOW!!!!
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