NES of the Month #10 – Lagrange Point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT????????????? A NES RPG????????? THIS IS GONNA BE AWFUL?!!!!?????????? Shut up no it won’t it’s gonna be EPIC! This game is VERY special because it got patched not too long ago which means WE CAN ENJOY THIS CLASSIC GAME IN ENGLISH!!!!! Now before you ask, no, I haven’t actually beaten the whole game BUT I’ve played a good bit and here at NotM we like to experiment and keep it fresh and learn and game together and that’s what it’s all ABOUT!!!

Now you may be asking me why I picked this game. This game actually uses FM sound (!!!!!!!!!!!) via the Konami VRC7 chip, which MEANS this game sounds ungodly good on a Famicom!!!!! Now you may have to mod your lil toaster to get this to sound good but trust me, it would be worth it!!!!!!!! Now you’re probably asking, “Where do I get this RPG HOTNESS???” Well, try right Here!!!!!!! A relaxing game for a relaxing month. Stay chill and game on, gamers. I believe in you.

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