Gamer Guide – Nazo no Murasamejou

Tried this month’s NES of the Month???? Having a hard time??? Don’t worry, we here at p dash wing dot net support our gamers, and as such, here’s some tips and tricks to help you get to Murasame Castle and the end of the game.

-The lightning and invisibility powerups are on most outdoor maps but invisible until you swing your sword where they are. Often they are out of the way or on a path you wouldn’t normally have to go. Search them out! Being able to get past a room for free or kill everything in it instantly is a huge advantage. Also, when you use lightning, enemies don’t spawn anymore while you’re in the room until you leave the screen, so feel free to collect any powerups. Lightning will reveal any items that are hidden on that screen.

-Most items are invisible, but any tanuki statues will have an item if you slash them.

-Fireballs do twice as much damage but have a shorter range than the other projectiles. They are often the best for killing bosses combined with the king powerup (lets you fire 3 parallel shots).

-All of the Castle segments (the second stage of each level except the last) have multiple princesses in locations that you normally don’t need to go. If you find these there is a 50/50 chance of an extra life or a demon appearing. Be careful, if the demon appears he will damage you if you just hold up while approaching.

-If the demon appears, run away from him back the way you came for about 2 rooms. There should be a room nearby where all the princesses are where enemies don’t spawn at all. You can use these to kill the demons. They take about 30 regular knife hits and about 15 fireball hits to kill.

-If you’re having trouble with a boss and make it to the boss with a few lives, don’t be afraid to bum rush them a bit. When you die, the game remembers the damage you did to the boss and it retains that damage until you game over, so if you keep at it, you may be able to win it as a war of attrition.

-Incidentally, this is the easiest way to beat the final boss. Grab the fireball powerup at the beginning and just go ham.

-If you can find the white pill boxes (most levels have 1 or 2), they restore all your health! Items respawn if you leave and come back to the screen, so use this to your advantage to get your health back and it’ll give you a lot better of a chance of survival. This also goes for any other items you find, they’ll always respawn when you come back on screen, so if you die, you can go back and get them.

-If you find a helmet, it gives you invincibility. Run as far as you can before it runs out.

-The blue shoes let you walk on water, and usually before the first major water obstacle (or IN the first water obstacle) they can be found in the surrounding area. Seek them out, as they let you walk much faster than normal, since water slows you down. The red shoes increase your speed on land and in water, but water will still slow you if you don’t have the blue shoes.

-Remember, it’s a Famicom Disk System game, so you can save at any time and continue on the stage you left on. If a stage stresses you out, come back when you’re recharged and ready to take on the world!

And that’s all I got. Now get out there and kill em all, gamer.

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