[Opening Stage] GCL’s 2017 Game of the Year Awards!

Welcome to the opening stage of the One And Only 2017 Game of the Year Awards at GCL!! Make sure you’re registered and logged in on our terrific P-Wing site or else you won’t be … Continue Reading →

GCL’s 2017 Game of the Year Awards Sponsored by Pepperidge Farm

Well we finally made it. GCL has been dominating the gaming landscape for quite a while now so this has really been a long time coming… Tired of games that aren’t even released being nominated? … Continue Reading →

the wave bird

dec. 4. 17 today i’m dan hank & i’m writing & writing remember the wave bird ? i can’t be so sure it’s where i’m standing right now the low tide overtakes me is it … Continue Reading →

Op-Ed: Zelda Is Basically The Burger King Of Video Game Series

Gamer Prophet here. I’ve decided to let Dan Hank do a feature Op-Ed this time. I really appreciate his style and I think you might too. Gamer Prophet signing out. Hey, my name is Dan … Continue Reading →

October 2017 – Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

This horror story spans generations, so you must relive the blood-soaked history while conjuring spells, solving puzzles, and slaying supernatural beasts. Also GCL is the best and this is the game that started it all. … Continue Reading →

September 2017 – Jet Set Radio

really creative, fun, and pretty short game with funky music!!! let’s put GCL all over the streets!!! it’s back from when sega had cool stuff (also one of my personal favorite games) Member Review/Comments Rating … Continue Reading →

Tecmo P-Wing Bowl Registration (CLOSED)

Wow! (Did not see this coming!!!) Hello and welcome to the OFFICIAL P dash WING dot NET Tecmo P-Wing Bowl post!!! Very soon we will be hosting a FIERCE live television event between p-wing members!. How do … Continue Reading →

The results are in! Samus Wins!

Supreme Champion: Worthy Adversary: This Guy Means Business: 4th place: NiGHTS 5th place tie: Koopa the Quick Ness Jack Frost Kirby 9th place tie: K.K. Slider Donkey Kong Red Arkanoid Paddle Metaknight Rolf Landale Mario … Continue Reading →

Sonic Mania Has Nothing On Uncharted 4

As I write this, the next entry into the almost flawless Uncharted series slowly but surely marches on toward its release date of August 22, 2017 (only six days left!). This new game is aptly … Continue Reading →