NES of the Month #6 – The Magic of Scheherazade!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW what a long title in multiple ways!!!! Well, for the NES anyway! That’s right, it’s an action RPG folks!!!! Set in Arabia, you have to save Princess Scheherazade, who got her name when they … Continue Reading →

Review – ARMS

ARMS is a slick fighting game no one saw coming The Nintendo Switch has been pretty successful in terms of sales, but most who bought the system have been looking for games to play, and … Continue Reading →

NES of the Month #5 – Guerrilla War!!!!!!!!!

  Guerrilla War, known as Guevara in Japan, is a game where–you guessed it–you play as Che Guevara!! It’s basically Ikari Warriors but better, and as such, it supports two players!! Remember to not shoot … Continue Reading →

NES of the Month #4 – Sweet Home!!!!!!

  SWEET HOME BRO!! HOW MUCH WAS IT?? This game is probably the first survival horror rpg game ever!!! Or at least one of the first, and it also happens to be pretty good! Basically … Continue Reading →

NES of the Month #3 – Choujin Sentai Jetman!!

  This game might seem familiar if you’ve seen Power Rangers…well Power Rangers borrowed from a bunch of different series including the one in this game!! Giant robot fights, platforming action, guns, it’s all here!! … Continue Reading →

NES of the Month #2 – Adventures of Lolo!!!

It’s time for a new game!!! WOOOOOOO!! This one is pretty easy as long as you use your old noggin and frankly I think it’s the best puzzler on the NES! Good Stuff! And remember: … Continue Reading →

Mega Man 3

NES of the Month #1 – Mega Man 3!!!!!!!

IT’S THAT TIME FOLKS and WOW look at that box art!!! Heh well guess it was never that time before BUT IT IS NOW!!!! Get hype because this NEW event is gonna knock your socks … Continue Reading →

Why Hard Games Are Fun

There are a lot of people who play only easy games or hate when games are difficult. I am not one of them. Most people who are of such a persuasion would call me a … Continue Reading →