NES of the Month #5 – Guerrilla War!!!!!!!!!

  Guerrilla War, known as Guevara in Japan, is a game where–you guessed it–you play as Che Guevara!! It’s basically Ikari Warriors but better, and as such, it supports two players!! Remember to not shoot … Continue Reading →

Top 10 NES Games

Everyone’s favorite retro game console where the Mario guy got pretty BIG. What are the 10 best NES games in your completely honest opinion?

October 2016 – Illusion of Gaia / Ninja Gaiden

Title: Illusion of Gaia / Ninja Gaiden Platforms: Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Nintendo Entertainment System Release Date: September 1, 1994 / March 1989 Developer: Quintet / Tecmo Publisher: Nintendo / Tecmo Genre: Action RPG / … Continue Reading →

August 2016 – Portal / Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Title: Portal / Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Platforms: PC / Nintendo Entertainment System Release Date: October 9, 2007 / December 1, 1988 Developer: Valve Corporation / Nintendo R&D4 Publisher: Valve Corporation / Nintendo Genre: … Continue Reading →

A Bit of Good Music – NES/FC Roundup

Yo! A little roundup of some songs I liked from various games on the NES/FC. All five of these games are worth a play! Ufouria is the best Metroidvania on the console. Metal Storm is … Continue Reading →

A Bit of Good Music – Bucky O’Hare

This is one hard hitting soundtrack right here. A game with some PERCUSSION! It definitely fits the gameplay very well, gets you in the zone. The game is always throwing some new frantic screen in your … Continue Reading →

A Bit of Good Music – Little Nemo: The Dream Master

Capcom! Capcom loaded the NES with quality titles and almost all of them had outstanding music. Little Nemo: The Dream Master is one of my favorites from Capcom. Everytime I sit back and listen to … Continue Reading →

September 2015 – StarTropics

Title: StarTropics Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System Release Date: December 1st, 1990 Developer: Nintendo IRD Publisher: Nintendo Genre: Action-Adventure Members Completed: 7 Average Rating: 47.3/100 Member Progress Rating Review and/or Comments Apple Completed 09/05 80/100 My mom … Continue Reading →