Game Hub: StarTropics

Aggregate Score 81.6% Great Based on scores from Apple, Refia and Gamma. Find out just how resourceful you can be in this classic game, with its mixture of adventure and RPG elements. Step into the … Continue Reading →

Game Hub: Super Mario Bros. 2

Description Mario’s back! Bigger and badder than ever before! This time it’s a fierce action-packed battle to free the land of Subcon from the curse of the evil Wart. It’s up to you, along with … Continue Reading →

Week 4 In Review

Week Four On Demand A brawl to end them all! Holy cow! Can you believe what we just watched?! The Retro Masters take on The Troops in a shoot out and the Baltimore Burger Kings … Continue Reading →

NES of the Month #5 – Guerrilla War!!!!!!!!!

  Guerrilla War, known as Guevara in Japan, is a game where–you guessed it–you play as Che Guevara!! It’s basically Ikari Warriors but better, and as such, it supports two players!! Remember to not shoot … Continue Reading →

Top 10 NES Games

Everyone’s favorite retro game console where the Mario guy got pretty BIG. What are the 10 best NES games in your completely honest opinion?

October 2016 – Illusion of Gaia / Ninja Gaiden

Title: Illusion of Gaia / Ninja Gaiden Platforms: Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Nintendo Entertainment System Release Date: September 1, 1994 / March 1989 Developer: Quintet / Tecmo Publisher: Nintendo / Tecmo Genre: Action RPG / … Continue Reading →

August 2016 – Portal / Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Title: Portal / Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Platforms: PC / Nintendo Entertainment System Release Date: October 9, 2007 / December 1, 1988 Developer: Valve Corporation / Nintendo R&D4 Publisher: Valve Corporation / Nintendo Genre: … Continue Reading →

A Bit of Good Music – NES/FC Roundup

Yo! A little roundup of some songs I liked from various games on the NES/FC. All five of these games are worth a play! Ufouria is the best Metroidvania on the console. Metal Storm is … Continue Reading →

A Bit of Good Music – Bucky O’Hare

This is one hard hitting soundtrack right here. A game with some PERCUSSION! It definitely fits the gameplay very well, gets you in the zone. The game is always throwing some new frantic screen in your … Continue Reading →

A Bit of Good Music – Little Nemo: The Dream Master

Capcom! Capcom loaded the NES with quality titles and almost all of them had outstanding music. Little Nemo: The Dream Master is one of my favorites from Capcom. Everytime I sit back and listen to … Continue Reading →