NES of the Month #5 – Guerrilla War!!!!!!!!!


Guerrilla War, known as Guevara in Japan, is a game where–you guessed it–you play as Che Guevara!! It’s basically Ikari Warriors but better, and as such, it supports two players!! Remember to not shoot civilians and also that your bombs destroy barricades. Bombs, tanks, guns, it’s all here folks!!!! And it’s cheap to boot!!! WOOOO!!

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Refia Completed twitch 85/100 Guerrilla War is an excellent shooter on the NES, and it’s not too long so it never really gets too boring. You get bombs, tanks, flamethrowers, and the action ramps up very well over the different stages. You’d have to be nuts to beat it on one continue, though, but it’s still a fun shooter to pick up and beat in an afternoon. The level and sound design are really good, although ultimately if you continue you probably don’t care about score which makes saving the hostages kind of pointless to even bother with.
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